My research is directly related to the research theme of "Engineering Solutions for Health" and I am considered an expert in machine learning and data analysis for biomedical engineering applications. My current position is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Engineeringthe University of New Brunswick, Frederticton, NB, Canada (September 2017-Present) under the supervision of Dr. Erik Scheme. Since 2009, I have developed an H-index of 19  (i10-index of 35) and my 95 published refereed journals, book chapters, conference proceedings, abstracts, and invited talks have been cited 1779 timesThirty-one papers have been published in ISI indexed journals (22 as the first author)I have gained valuable experience in several different scientific environments in different countries (Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain) over the last ten years. ... more (about me)

Based on my research expertise, I have served as an invited reviewer for 42 different peer-reviewed journals in ISI Web of Science over the past 6 years. In total, I have reviewed more than 125 manuscripts, which were related to my area of research expertise. I have also invited to serve as a reviewer for 34 different international conferences. I am currently an associate editor at IRBM (Innovation and Research in BioMedical engineering), an ISI indexed journal. ... more (professional activities)

My research keywords: myoelectric control, gait biomechanics, neuroscience, emg, kinematic, fmri, feature extraction, feature selection, wavelet analysis, fractal analysis, topological data analysis

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(Journal of the Royal Society Interface; IF2016: 3.579)

(Journal of Sport and Health Science; IF2016: 2.531)

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(Expert Systems with Applications; IF2016: 3.928)

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